18 May 2020

Priceless Ramadan Gifts

The holy month of Ramadan is often referred to as the month of sharing and caring.

Whilst it’s often the norm to be generous and exchange presents during the holy month, this Ramadan may be unique in many ways. Visiting your loved ones with gifts and sweets may not be an option, but that shouldn’t stop you from gifting them with a thoughtful present that leaves you with a deep sense of fulfilment.

Sharing Tasty Recipes

Ramadan is the month of observing strict fasts and bonding with your family during Suhoors and Iftaars. Typically, people visit each other’s houses for such Iftaars or indulge in the various Iftaar deals that UAE is known for. However, since everyone will likely be expected to practice social distancing this Ramadan, how about sharing some recipes online in private groups and public boards across your community? You just might give someone the opportunity to enjoy a dish they’ve never had before, whilst connecting at a safe distance!

Creating a Playlist

Whether it’s on YouTube or Spotify, consider creating a playlist, either with a Ramadan-specific theme, including Duas and/or sermons, or just some of your favourite songs and anthems that have the potential to inspire people. While everyone may not be with their loved ones, listening to a common tune, or indeed a curated playlist, during this time, is sure to connect and unify families all over the world.

Making That Phone Call

Sometimes we get caught up with everything that’s happening around us and we often forget those loved ones we haven’t spoken to in some time. It’s especially during these tough times that we need to keep our distance from others, whilst still find a way to connect. This Ramadan, take the time to pick up the phone and make that call that you might have been putting off, and put a smile on someone’s face.

Giving to a Registered Charity and Volunteering in the Community

When things around us are difficult, not only for ourselves but for others, the most priceless gift we can give someone is an act of kindness. Through generosity, our influence can ripple through the community and generate positivity that lingers for a lifetime. By serving each other, we can better our environment and energize our neighbourhood through a shared commitment to charity throughout the city of Dubai and beyond.