20 Oct 2023

4 Tips on Renting a House in Dubai

Elevate your house-hunting experience in Dubai with these tips.
4 Tips on Renting a House in Dubai

Elevate your house-hunting experience in Dubai with these tips.


Dubai is known for its natural beauty and man-made marvels. With its magnificent skyscrapers and pristine beaches, this metropolis captivates the hearts of people from every corner of the world. Moreover, Dubai is known for its vast career opportunities, advanced healthcare facilities, and endless entertainment options. That’s probably why people from across the world wish to reside here. If you too are planning to move to this city, this article lists out a few tips on renting a house in Dubai.

  • Understand How Rental Payments Work
  • One of the important aspects of renting a house in Dubai is the city’s distinct norms regarding rental payments. Most landlords ask for post-dated cheques for the entire rental period upfront, which is typically one year. So, for example, if you are planning to rent out a 1-bedroom apartment in Downtown Dubai for AED 110,000, your landlord may require 4 post-dated cheques of AED 27,500 each. Moreover, a security deposit, generally amounting to around 5% of the annual rent, must also be paid to the landlord. This deposit is refundable upon the end of the tenancy.

  • Look for Options Online
  • These days, the process of finding a rental home starts from the comfort of your couch. You will find a multitude of websites and real estate apps that offer an extensive range of property listings accompanied by several photographs of the apartment. Moreover, these platforms also provide additional essential information like the location, specifications, and contact details for each property listed to make your search easier.

    You can further filter options based on your desired location, features, and budget to shortlist houses as per your needs. Checking out options online will also help you understand the types of property available on rent as well as the average rent in Dubai.

  • Do a Site Visit
  • While online listings are the perfect starting point, it is imperative that you step out and visit the houses you have shortlisted. Visiting different apartments will allow you to create a mental image of your life in each one of them. Experiencing the layout, lighting, and surrounding atmosphere firsthand will help you take the right call. Take factors like proximity to work, accessibility, schools, and leisure activities into consideration while making the final decision. Do make sure to ask about the furniture that might possibly accompany the flat as this will help you set aside finances for accompanying expenses while moving in.

  • Review the Tenancy Document Before Signing
  • Before finalizing your rental agreement, it is essential to review the tenancy document carefully. Pay special attention to clauses regarding rent escalation, maintenance responsibilities, and early termination policies. Make sure you are clear about the terms of renewal and the notice period required for vacating the property. Seek legal advice to make sure you are aware of your rights and obligations as a tenant.

    A bit of planning and preparation is all you need to make the right decisions when renting a house in Dubai. You may also want to check if you employer can offer you some guidance or suggestions in finding a place close to work.