• What are the standard payment terms?
    • The standard payment terms for the rental amount shall be 1 to 12 equal instalments spread over the tenure of the Tenancy Agreement.
    • The first instalment can be of higher value than the remaining.
    • Discounts and premiums:
      For 2 - 12 cheques - flat rent
      For 1 cheque - 2% discount
  • What cheques must be submitted to issue the Tenancy Agreement?

    Rent cheques, Security Deposit (refundable – equivalent to 8.33% of the annual rent amount), Ejari fee (administration and processing fee) and Housing fee (units that do not have DEWA-sub meter).

  • How do I reschedule the date of my viewing visit?

    Please contact our Call Centre on 800 9933, or visit a site office.

  • How much is the security deposit?

    The security deposit is equivalent to 8.33% of the annual rent.

  • How much is the Ejari registration fee?

    Ejari registration fee is AED 210 plus VAT.

  • Is rental commission different for Dubai Asset Management and Brokers?

    Dubai Asset Management's 5% commission has been waived as part of a promotion. Brokers commissions will still be applicable.

  • What time can I do a viewing on a unit?

    Our community site offices are open from Sunday to Thursday between 8am-5pm. We advise you to come no later than 4pm if you wish to view a unit.

  • Do I require a valid residency visa to rent a unit?

    To rent a unit without a valid residency visa you must submit a letter confirming that you are employed, and send a copy of your work permit directly to us for consideration.

    RERA requirements make it mandatory to possess a valid Emirates ID in order to receive an Ejari Certificate.

  • Can I rent more than one unit at the same time?

    Individual residents can rent only 1 unit at a time. All exceptions to this rule must be subject to review and approval from the management. Corporates with a valid UAE Business License Government Decree may lease multiple units. A single Tenancy Agreement is issued, provided the units are in the same building or block of units.

  • Can a third party make a payment on my behalf?

    Yes. Kindly prepare a third party NOC signed by you and the third party providing the cheque. The third party can then submit the NOC to us, along with a valid Residency visa, Passport copy and Emirates ID.

  • Can I align rental payments with my salary?

    Yes. A request needs to be made during the preparation of the tenancy contract. Please note that once installment dates are set, we are unable to amend those dates until the time comes to renew your contract. 

  • Can I make cash payments?

    Yes. Please visit a cashier at the onsite community teller. Cash payment is accepted if rent is settled in full, where a 2% discount is applied, or as the first rental installment with the remainder of installments by post dated cheque. If you would like to exchange a post dated cheque for cash payment, then AED 100 plus VAT will be charged per cheque.

  • Can I pay by credit card or cheque?

    Yes, we accept both forms of payment.

  • Do I pay a fee to book a unit?

    No. There is no fee for booking a unit, and the booked unit is held for only 2 hours. Only our affiliated external agents and Dubai Asset Management agents can book units to secure the property while the contract is issued.

  • What if a cheque bounces?

    Please collect the bounced cheque(s) from a cashier at your community Leasing Office, and pay the dues. A bounced cheque attracts a penalty of AED 1000.

    A late payment fee is also charged for each day of delay starting from the actual due date on the cheque, and payable at 12% per annum of the cheque amount.

  • Can I defer a rent payment?

    Deferring a payment is subject to the approval of Dubai Asset Management. Please submit your request no less than 7 working days before the payment is due. If your request is approved, an AED 250 deferral fee is payable to us. Send us an email attaching supporting documents and a valid reason for deferring your payment.

  • What is the cheque replacement fee?

    Request to replace post-dated cheques a is considered only if made no less than 5 working days prior to the payment due date.

    A fee of AED 100 each is applicable for replacing post-dated cheques.

  • Does a bounced cheque from me invite legal action?

    When a cheque bounces, our legal team is notified and will investigate. They then commence further action if payment and associated fees are not settled within the communicated time frame.

  • What is the Move-In process?

    Our Property Management Executive will meet with you at the Property Management Office to start the orientation of welcoming you to the community. The representative explains rules and regulations, jointly inspects the premise, prepares a condition report, hands over access cards, and issues a move-in permit.

    Required documentation:

    • Copy of DEWA and Empower connection documentation, if applicable.

    • A valid UAE ID of the person whose name is under the Tenancy Agreement.

    If the Tenancy Agreement is under company/corporate account, please provide us with a signed authorisation letter on a company letterhead containing the stamp and ID of the representative authorised for handover.

  • I haven't completed my utility registration; can I still move into my unit?

    Utility registration is a mandatory requirement and must be completed before you move into your unit. This process is not applicable for shared accommodation.

  • Does someone ensure my unit is in good condition before I move-in?

    Yes, your unit will be in good condition for your move-in appointment. All units are reinstated as per Dubai Asset Management standards and will be handed over to you in ‘as-is’ condition.

    If you face issues with your unit after moving in, please contact the Property Management Office or call us at 800 9933.

  • I am unable to attend the move-in appointment. Can I send someone on my behalf?

    If you are unable to attend this appointment, please appoint an authorised person to attend on your behalf. Make sure you provide us with Power of Attorney / authorisation or email/letter sent from the registered email, as per the contract. Send this to the Property Management Office stating the name of the third party receiving /handing over the unit along with an Original ID.

  • What if I am unhappy with the condition of my unit the day I move in?

    In the unlikely event that you are not willing to accept your unit in the condition it is in, the Property Management Executive will escalate your concerns to the Property Manager for further investigation.

  • What is the process to renew my lease?

    1. 90 days prior to the expiration of your Tenancy Contract our courier service provider delivers a Renewal Pack containing: Renewal Notice, New Tenancy Agreement, Invoice with payment particulars, Remote Renewal Guide and required documentation, Resident Registration form.

    2. Once you have compiled all your documents, you contact us via email at customercare@dubaiam.ae or call 800 9933 to schedule a pickup.

    3. The Operations team will review your documentation and process your new Tenancy Agreement.

    4. A copy of your Tenancy Agreement, Ejari agreement and payment receipts will be sent to you.

  • How do I calculate my annual rent?

    To determine the exact amount, visit the RERA calculator online at:


  • Does terminating my Tenancy Contract involve a penalty?

    If you terminate your contract more than 60 days prior to its expiration, a penalty of 2 months of rent is applicable. If you terminate your Tenancy Agreement within the last 2 months of its expiration, no refund of the rent is applicable.

  • What if I fail to complete the termination process and vacate my unit after the expiration of my Tenancy Agreement?

    You are charged for DEWA, Empower and a penalty fee; which is calculated according to the amount of days you overstay as per the applicable renewal rent amount.

    Legal charges may be applicable pending the circumstances. Reinstatement charges to bring the unit to its original condition are also applicable.

  • When is the latest I can renew my Tenancy Contract?

    Please complete the Remote Renewal process prior to the expiry date on your Tenancy Contract. If you wish to terminate your Tenancy Agreement, please visit the Property Management Office in your community.

  • Please explain the calculation for annual rent?

    We adhere to RERA standards and do not surprise you with random rent fluctuations.

    The RERA index is updated annually and our rental rates are adjusted accordingly.

  • Can I renew my Tenancy Contract?

    Yes as long as all the required documents are submitted and you have no pending payments with Dubai Asset Management.

  • Can I renew my Tenancy Agreement for less than one year?

    Yes. You can renew your contract on a short term basis for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months. The renewal rent, based on the RERA index, will be applied for each renewal and the following fees will be charged: 1000 AED plus VAT admin fees and 214.50 AED Ejari administration and processing fee. Please visit the leasing office or contact our call centre on 800 9933 to place your request.

  • Can a third party pay my rent?

    If you are not the issuer of cheques, please submit an NOC for third party payment.

    Please e-mail the enquiry to us at customercare@dubaiam.ae or call us at 800 9933 for further assistance.

  • What documents do I need to submit to move out of my unit?

    At the move-out meeting please provide the Property Management Executive with the following documentation:

    1. Final utility bills (DEWA/ Empower)/ Request letter to DEWA/ Empower for final bills.

    2. Your bank details for a bank transfer of the refund. To collect the bank transfer form, visit the Property Management Office or request it via email to customercare@dubaiam.ae

    3. Tenant authorisation letter (if you are unable to attend this meeting).

    If your final utility bills are not submitted to us, you will receive an automated notification requesting you to submit your final bills. If you fail to do so after 7 days, we will withhold your security deposit until received.

  • What is the Move-Out process?

    The move-out meeting involves a joint inspection of the property with a Property Management Executive, handing over access cards, and completing the inspection in order to refund the security deposit.

    The unit must be returned in the same condition it was received. You may choose to carry out reinstatement (maintenance) work prior to the handover, or we can carry out the works on your behalf and deduct the applicable charges from your security deposit. Prior to moving out, you may contact the Property Management team and ask them to inspect your unit in case you wish to reinstate it yourself.

    You may be asked to pay reinstatement charges if the amount due exceeds the security deposit.

  • Do I need to get a Move-Out Permit?

    Yes.Tenants should contact 800 9933 to schedule a move our appointment. The latest time for an appointment is 4.30pm. After a Property Management Executive has contacted you to schedule your move-out appointment, you are automatically issued a Move-Out Permit.

    The Move-Out Permit is obligatory and must be submitted to the Community Security Office before moving out your furniture and belongings.

    Please settle all outstanding payments prior to applying for a Move-Out Permit.

  • What if my Tenancy Agreement expires on a public holiday or weekend?

    If your Tenancy Agreement expires on a public holiday or weekend, you may vacate the unit on the next working day.

    You will not be charged an overstay penalty fee.

  • What if I can’t attend the move-out meeting?

    A tenant can nominate a third part to carry out the inspection. Alternatively, please submit a letter to the Property Management Team and handover your access cards to security. The letter should state that you accept any charges to reinstate the unit and you agree that Dubai Asset Management will carry out the check out on your behalf.

    Our Property Management Executive will then inspect the unit and deduct any applicable reinstatement charges from your security deposit.

  • When is the security deposit refunded to me?

    The security deposit is refunded to you 45 days from the day you submit your last utility bills. The refund is directly transferred to your bank account, and you will receive a notification once it is credited.

  • What does the maintenance cover?

    Facilities management is available 24/7 to assist you with issues related to mechanical, electrical and plumbing in your unit. In the wider community we take care of all the landscaping, pest control, waste disposal and collection, street light maintenance, amenities & facilities upkeep, and lifts.

    Emergency maintenance during the night is available; however, appointment for regular services are scheduled during the day.

  • Where do I log a maintenance service request?

    Please log all service requests on the DubaiAM Life app which can be downloaded on the iTunes and Google Play stores.  If you have further requests please contact the Call Centre on 800 9933, send an email to customercare@dubaiam.ae or visit the Property Management Office. 

  • How often is my unit repainted?

    Upon request, your unit is repainted internally every 3 years. Repainting requests are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

  • I would like to carry out alterations to my unit. Does this require any formal approvals?

    Approvals depend on the kind of alterations you seek. Please send an email to customercare@dubaiam.ae detailing the alterations to undertake. We will then assess your requirements and guide you on next steps.

  • Why do I need to give access for maintenance?

    It is important to allow maintenance access to your property every 3 months to service the AC system, fire alarms and safety equipment.

    This helps maintain the quality of these assets and ensures their proper functioning. You also benefit from cleaner air-conditioning and well-maintained fire alarms and safety equipment that works as expected during an emergency.

  • What happens if I refuse to give access?

    If you are unable to give access at the time of visit, please speak to the Call Centre on 800 9933 or visit the Property Management Office to schedule a visit at your convenience. Failure to provide access to your unit for one full quarter is a violation of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

  • May I install a satellite dish for my property?

    We have installed a common satellite dish for apartment buildings and subscription is paid to the supplier depending on the number of sockets you use.

    Tenants of Shorooq and Ghoroob may contact 800 9933 for information regarding channel availability.

    Al Khail Gate tenants may take note that common satellite dishes are yet to be installed.

    Satellite dishes are allowed in villas as long as they are installed on the roof and not on a balcony, and are not evident in plain sight.

  • May I plant Damas trees in my garden?

    It is against Dubai Municipality Regulations to plant Damas trees and therefore not allowed within our communities.

  • How do I change my unit?

    Please visit a Leasing Office to submit your request and check the availability of other units. In order to change your unit, we issue a new Tenancy Agreement, and ask for a new security deposit and a transfer fee of AED 1,000. If you are upgrading or downgrading your unit, please provide fresh cheque(s) for rental amount due at the new unit, sign a Termination Agreement for the unit you occupy, pay AED 1000 admin fee, and AED 210 Ejari.

    Once you hand over access card and disconnect your DEWA account, we commence the process for refunding the amount due from the unit you are moving out of. The refund is credited to you within 45 days from the start of the process.

  • I have noticed faults in common areas of the community. Where do I report these?

    If you notice faults in common areas of the community (broken street lights, cracked pavements/walls, foul smells, damaged amenities) please share the details with us by calling the call centre on 800 9933, or send an email to customercare@dubaiam.ae

  • How do I file a complaint against my neighbour?

    Please file your complaint through the Call Centre on 800 9933 or the Property Management Office until 17h00, after which time you will need to contact the police.

    Remraam residents may contact the Owners Association and not the Property Management Office.

  • Who is responsible for pruning trees in common areas of the community and in my property?

    Pruning trees in common areas is the responsibility of the Property Management team. Pruning trees within your own garden is your responsibility.

  • May I trim trees and shrubs around my property?

    Trees and shrubs planted in the community’s common areas are under the jurisdiction of the Property Management and are maintained by the appointed landscaping team. These plants must be trimmed in accordance with the design and aesthetics of the community.

  • May I change trees and shrubs planted in common areas of the community?

    Trees and shrubs planted in common areas belong to the Property Management, and individual tenants are not permitted to make changes in order to protect the overall design and aesthetics of the community.

  • Is extra storage space available to me?

    Rental storage space varies per community. For more information regarding your community, please send an email to customercare@dubaiam.ae or speak to the Call Centre on 800 9933 or visit the Property Management Office and we will provide you with particulars regarding availability, size and applicable rates.

  • May I post on the notice boards in common areas?

    Notice boards are solely for the use of the Property Management team.

  • What is the purpose of the annual survey for tenants?

    Your feedback is important to us. Annual surveys are conducted to help us know our tenants better, and to get insightful feedback on how to improve the living standards within the community.

    The surveys are anonymous, hence feel free to share your feedback. If you wish to be contacted by us, please share your contact details when answering the survey.

  • May I host a private party or event in a common area?

    Yes. Please book the common area at least one week before the event by visiting your community’s Property Management Office, or by emailing customercare@dubaiam.ae

    Please provide us the date, time and number of guests, to help us assist you further. We do not permit exclusive reservation of a common area for private events. For more information, please read the Community Rules.

  • May I use the community pool area for a private party or event?

    As a health and safety precaution, and to avoid inconvenience to other tenants, we do not permit the use of swimming pools as venues for private events.

  • What are the consequences of the violation notice I received?

    Receiving this letter means you violated a term of your Tenancy Agreement, or a clause in the community rules and regulations. Please comply with the request in the notice, and rectify the situation as soon as possible. If not, legal action could be taken.

  • What is the fee for a new access card?

    AED 200 per card.

  • May I sublet my unit or a part of it to another person?

    Subleasing your property or a part of it to any person is not permitted, and is against the rules and regulations of RERA. Doing so invites legal action and eviction from your unit.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Our communities are pet friendly, and we welcome pets within apartments as long as they are allowed by Dubai Municipality, have been chipped (for cats and dogs), do not create noise or disturbance to other tenants, and are kept on a leash at all times when in common areas. Pets fulfilling municipal criteria are allowed in villas.

  • Why is an Empower meter installed in my unit?

    Empower meters are installed to create a direct relationship between you and your utility provider, and allow you control over consumption of RT (Refrigeration Tonnes).

    Billing is in proportion to BTU meter consumption and charged monthly, which also helps you be aware of and thus regulate RT consumption.

  • What are the Empower charges?

    Charges include Monthly Consumption, Quarterly Demand and Maintenance.