30 Jan 2020

“Can I pay in 12 cheques?”

And other questions about renting property in Dubai.

The Dubai property market continues to evolve with a steady supply of properties and an increasing amount of payment channels, providing people with multiple options when paying their rent.

Can I pay in 12 cheques?

Honestly, it depends! In the past landlords would tend to demand one cheque, or possibly two, if they were feeling generous.

Now, however, people have multiple options. The standard has moved towards four cheques, which has been a welcome change for many residents. However, those paying with fewer cheques can often negotiate a lower annual rent.

Paying in 12 cheques could potentially mean paying a slightly higher annual rent. With Dubai Asset Management, for example, those willing to pay in one cheque can actually receive 2% cashback.

Do keep in mind that a ‘bounced’ cheque has very serious implications in the UAE, so, if you do ever have a problem, make sure to speak with your landlord before the cheque in question is deposited.

What other costs should I look out for?

The other main costs that you’re likely to incur are your moving expenses (click here [INSERT HYPERLINK] for our tips on moving), your security deposit, and the agent’s fee. With the latter, this tends to be 5% of the annual rent or in the range of AED 3,000. Security deposits are also a standard 5% of the annual rent.

However, you’ll avoid paying an agent’s fee when working directly with a property management company, like Dubai Asset Management.

The other major cost associated with renting a property is your utilities bill with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). This is sometimes included in the rental cost, depending on the agreement, so make sure you check with your landlord. Then, of course, there’s setting up an internet connection for your property with either Etisalat or Du.

How do I set up DEWA, make maintenance requests, etc.?

Begin by registering your signed tenancy contract with the Dubai Land Department. You will be issued with what is known as an Ejari certificate. This document is presented to DEWA to get your utilities up and running.

In line with the Dubai Paperless Strategy, and to ensure an efficient and enjoyable tenancy experience, Dubai Asset Management is integrated with the DubaiNow app through which you can register your contract.

The app is enabled by UAE Pass, a national digital identity solution. Using this platform will give tenants an almost immediate turnaround for their Ejari certificate. So, not only can the tenancy contract be signed and registered this way, the app can also help you arrange your utilities through DEWA, and your landline, cable TV, and home internet services - the entire process is available at the swipe of a screen and the push of a button, integrating government and private sector services.

Remember that with companies like Dubai Asset Management, residential realty has never been simpler. Get in touch with us on 800 9933 for more information about our available residential communities.