20 Sep 2019

Getting Your Garden Winter Ready

If you’re ready to bid farewell to the sizzling summer heat and embrace the best of Dubai outdoors, then a little garden prep goes a long way.

The summer months seem to be winding down, and with that comes the promise of outdoor fun. However, getting the garden ready requires a little bit of care and preparation.


The summer months are guaranteed to have burnt off a few plants and shrubs, while the summer-sturdy perennials are sure to have grown wild. Cut your losses! Literally. Clip back on overgrown plants, rake off and root out anything that is dead, and prune back on weeds.


Adding some sustenance back to the soil before planting the winter flowers and greenery will not only help flowering plants bloom their winter best, but will also keep them lasting longer into the next summer cycle. Options for fertilizers range from just changing and freshening the potting soil to adding organic and animal-friendly bio humus, compost and manure. The Dubai Garden Center on Sheikh Zayed Road and in Warsaan both stock a selection of organic and chemical fertilizer options.

Edging and Preparing Beds

Before planting a new set of winter flowers or foliage, it is always a good idea to edge the boundaries. A long-handled, powered edging tool works brilliantly to cut sharp edges along the garden beds. This not only neatens the landscape, but creates a dip between the bed and the adjacent area to help contain water and minimize wastage.

Equally, to ensure that the fertilizer is evenly distributed in the soil, it’s a good idea to break down compact sandy soil beds with deep hoeing to keep the soil well-aggregated and moist when watered.

Choosing Your Winter Plants

The winter months are the best time to let your inner gardener gain free reign! While petunias, that lush winter favorite, remains everyone’s go-to flower, there is nothing stopping you from being more adventurous. Azaleas also make for a colorful and cheerful addition to the garden. Equally, lavender, a hardy plant that likes hot, arid conditions, will not only add a beautiful fragrance, but also attract bees that will help other plants pollinate.

And why not try your hand at tulip bulbs, or the more perfumed narcissus for a whiff of evening fragrance. And finally, when in doubt, go the way of the ever-romantic rose. The winter months are a great time to try out your hand at the different varieties, shades, colors and sizes of petal.

With all that hard work and preparation undertaken, a last bit of advice: ensure you have a comfortable, center-stage seat, an accompanying warm beverage and good company to enjoy the best of the outdoors this winter.

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