29 Feb 2020

How to Personalise Your Rental Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

You have your new place and now you need to make it your home, but the whole decorating process can feel just a bit overwhelming.

You have your new place and now you need to make it your home, but the whole decorating process can feel just a bit overwhelming.

With the right ideas, a decent budget, and some creative flourishes, you can make your place feel exactly that…yours (without worrying about the handover condition when it’s time to move)!

Find your style.

Ask yourself: what kind of style makes you feel at home? Do you need a cosy cottage-feel or do you prefer ultra-modern sleekness? Take a look at some interiors to see what inspires you and focus on a few key elements. Need a retro vibe for your place? Try some vintage vinyl on your walls and add a record player as a statement piece. Looking for a softer, homey aesthetic? Pick out some comfy throw pillows and create a relaxing retreat with different lanterns set about for some delicate lighting.

Work with what you have.

Already have some furniture? Or moving into a furnished apartment? You don’t need to start from scratch to make your place your own. Sofa covers, throw pillows, and small blankets will bring a personalised touch to your living space.

Add colour and texture to your floors.

Investing in rugs gives you a lot of flexibility when decorating, including adding a flourish of colour to a room, bringing a space together, or even covering up flooring or carpet that doesn’t inspire you. There’s also the option of layering, which is placing smaller rugs over larger ones to create a unique and personal look right under your feet.

Stylise your windows.

For many, the ideal space has big windows that let in lots of natural light. You can personalise this feature of your new flat with curtains or blinds that reflect your style. For a cottage look, go with wooden blinds or white and blue curtains made from natural materials. For an ultra-modern design, you’ll want blinds with clean, sleek lines and an interesting material finish, such as a matte metallic finish.

Go green!

A natural way to design a delightful décor is to bring plants and flowers into your home. This is a wonderful way to add natural elements that brighten up a room and bring a space to life.

But don’t feel pressured into converting your home into a forest! Instead, consider easy and inexpensive ways to get started, such as choosing different varieties of houseplants that vary in style and shape, as well as growing your own herbs. Indoor plants can also be the perfect antidote to living in a bustling concrete metropolis.

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