3 Apr 2023

Prepare to Enjoy Ramadan at Home with Your Family

The upcoming month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for families to make the most of their time together at home.

With everyone spending a lot of time indoors at the moment, this Ramadan is bound to be an intimate family affair, with everyone embracing the true spirit of patience and tolerance.

Reflect Together

The holy month of Ramadan is meant for everyone to reflect upon their actions and behaviour. However, on most days, the everyday hustle and bustle of commuting and attending several get-togethers, leaves little time for self-reflection. Spend your time wisely this Ramadan with close family members and recognise opportunities for self-growth and betterment. Work on these actively to truly transform yourself and support your family members during their process of self-growth and improvement.

Pray Together

It’s often believed that praying together builds deeper and long-lasting connections in a family. Families this Ramadan have the opportunity to offer prayers together at home, instead of everyone praying in separate areas, such as their workplace, homes and mosques. Praying together will also help everyone understand the same teachings and further boost the sense of togetherness and positivity.

Learn Together

This is the best time to familiarise children with all the unique activities and what each one means. Educate them about the spiritual and health benefits of fasting, encourage them to help in preparing meals for Iftar, and encourage them reach out to their friends and other families, by getting creative with virtual greeting cards. This is the best time to increase awareness about the practices and principles involved during the month, such as teaching them about the spirit of giving, so that they truly understand the essence of the holy month.

Donate Together

Different people believe in different causes. Use this time of togetherness to understand which charities your family members connect most with. List them out, distribute resources after discussing everyone’s preferences, and together, you can donate towards causes that allow everyone to feel an equal sense of gratitude and fulfilment.

Feast Together

Suhoors and Iftars excite everyone during Ramadan, so it’s time to stock your pantries with your most preferred ingredients. Instead of ordering take-out every-day, make cooking a family activity. Prepare your meals together, divide up chores between each other and most importantly, enjoy your meals! It’s not often that families get to enjoy meals together, so take advantage of everyone’s free time during Ramadan and use it to bond with your family.