30 May 2019

Renting in Dubai Part 2: What You Need to Know About the Process

Renting a property in Dubai for the first time can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of steps to go through; however, with the right guidance, it can all be much easier than you think.

Renting a property in Dubai for the first time can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of steps to go through; however, with the right guidance, it can all be much easier than you think. Some management companies, like Dubai Asset Management, offer a smart solution via an online platform to help tenants effortlessly manage the whole process.

So, what, exactly, can you expect during the property rental process in Dubai? Below, we take a look at the steps you need to take to secure your new home.

Get searching

When renting in Dubai, begin by looking online. There are multiple platforms with listings that include the rental amount, number of cheques required, the security deposit amount (which is usually 5% of the rental amount), and whether the property is furnished or unfurnished. The more transparent information provided, the better.

Get viewing

A good listing should also inform you when the unit can be viewed. Remember to arrange multiple viewings to get a sense of what might suit you and your family’s needs best. Security, noise pollution, parking, amenities, access to public transport, commute time, and disability access are just some of the considerations.

If you’re looking at properties with individual landlords, working with a single agent will help you keep the focus on finding a property that meets your requirements. Or consider going through a property management company. Dubai Asset Management, for example, owns and manages a diverse portfolio of 10 residential communities that are home to more than 100,000 people, giving you a plethora of options (including apartments and villas) when choosing the right property for you and your family.

Get signing

If and when you successfully secure a property, you will need to put down a deposit and provide a copy of your passport and UAE residential visa. The contracts used when renting properties have been standardised and are accessible online. So, when working with individual landlords, you should question any tenancy agreement that isn’t the standarised agreement. You and the landlord will sign two copies and keep one each. As the tenant, you’ll also need to pay the rental agent’s 5% commission.

However, when working with a management company like Dubai Asset Management, the process is simplified and streamlined, and can all be done online. And unlike using realtor companies, there is no 5% commission fee.

Get Ejari and DEWA

You’ll need to register your contract with the Land Department to receive your Ejari certificate. You use this document to hook up your utilities with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

With Dubai Asset Management, you can register your contract through the app, which is enabled by UAE Pass, a national digital identity solution. Tenants will receive their Ejari tenancy contract within a few minutes after completing their digital application. Along with registering and signing the tenancy contract, the app also arranges your DEWA services, as well as your landline, cable TV, and home internet services with telecom company, du.

Get with it

Speaking on the digital interface and going paperless, Arif Mubarak, CEO of Dubai Asset Management, said, “In line with the objectives of the Dubai Paperless Strategy, Dubai Asset Management supports the leadership’s vision for Dubai’s integrated digital transformation. As a forward-looking organisation, we seek to leverage technology to enhance customer happiness while improving operational efficiencies and reducing our environmental impact. In this context, we are proud to partner with Smart Dubai and roll out the first digitally integrated paperless customer experience in the real estate sector that allows tenants to complete rental transactions online.”

With companies like Dubai Asset Management, completing the entire residential rental has never been simpler with the entire process are available online by website and app, integrating government and private sector services.

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