3 Apr 2023

Top Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Holy Month

Choose the perfect gift! Check out these Ramadan gift ideas and show appreciation to loved ones with Islamic books, prayer mats, sweets, fragrances, & more.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the ninth blessed month in the Islamic Calendar. It is a special religious occasion for Muslims and is celebrated across the globe. It is a period of fasting, reflection, prayer, and giving to those in need. It’s a time to gather with family and friends around delicious meals during Iftar.

Giving gifts during this period is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and is a method for showing appreciation and love to your loved ones, whether your family or friends.

If you're looking for Ramadan gift ideas this year, we've got you covered. We have compiled a list of some of the top gift ideas:

1. Track the Fasting Day with the Ramadan Calendars

Ramadan calendars allow you to keep track of the days of the Holy Month and countdown toward Eid al-Fitr. They can likewise be a source of motivation and inspiration during this period pushing you to accomplish a good deed every day.

2. Islamic Books for Some Spiritual Reflections

Ramadan is a period for spiritual reflections, so Islamic books are generally a great gift idea. There are many books available about Islamic history, the Quran, and Islamic teachings that are ideal for this occasion since this is the perfect time to invest in reading as a source of guidance and inspiration. You can also pick books for children, teenagers, and adults either in English or Arabic. And remember that whenever someone reads it, you will receive good deeds (ajer) as well.

3. A Digital Spiritual Book or Quran

A digital Quran is a convenient method to read and listen to the Quran during Ramadan. It is not difficult to carry around and can be used in any place. You can find digital Quran devices in various sizes and with different specifications, like translations in multiple languages.

4. Tasbih Beads with Natural Stones

Offering Tasbeeh Beads to your friends and family as a gift can be a thoughtful gesture, particularly if they are made with natural stones. There are sets of 33, 66, or 99 beads used as a counting aid in reciting the glories of Allah. Thus, their effect can loan a peaceful feeling whenever you pray.

5. Date and luxury confectionaries

Dates are the most important food to break the fast during Ramadan since they are healthy and delicious. Choose a box of dates with an exquisite finishing and fill it with different flavors like peanut butter, roasted Almond, and pistachio. You can also get dates coated in chocolate. You can get them in an assortment of packaging, for example, gift boxes or baskets. Dates can work as a standalone gift or accompanied with other presents.

6. Prayer Mats or Pocket Sejadah

Prayer mats come in different varieties and designs, and some are even eco-friendly. Giving a prayer mat as a gift is a sign that you care about the spiritual prosperity of the person receiving the gift. An example of a prayer mat is a Pocket Sejadah, which is very useful for Muslims on the go as it will fit comfortably into a pocket or a handbag so they can pray at anytime and anywhere during the sacred month.

7. Ramadan decorations for Homes

Arabic Calligraphy is a delightful type of craftsmanship that is commonly used to decorate homes during Ramadan. You can find wall art with Islamic expressions or verses from the Quran. They come in different materials, such as canvas or metal, and can be hung in any room.

Another gift idea is lanterns, which form a quintessential symbol of Ramadan festivities and act as a source of positive energy and brightness in your friends’ and family's lives.

8. Incense & incense holder

Bakhoor incense makes for a budget-friendly insightful Ramadan gift. Its musky scent will assist your loved ones with purifying their aura. Don't miss out on getting an incense stand alongside it as a nice expansion and whoever you present it to will cherish it for quite a while.

9. Arabic Sweets Platter

With our days and nights loaded up with love, we all anticipate those couple of hours when we will want to break our fast with great food and flavors, especially desserts. You can consider getting baklavas, kunafa, basbousa, qatayef, balah el sham, loqmat al qadi, and a lot more irresistible Arabic sweets to a dessert platter and take it to that Iftar you are invited to.

10. Gift vouchers from Stores or Restaurants

Gift vouchers are a great choice especially during Ramadan as people have the chance to choose anything they like or need from their favorite shops. You can offer gift vouchers from stores or restaurants that your loved ones prefer.

11. Fragrances and Oils

Fragrances and oils are typical gifts during Ramadan. They come in various aromas and can be used as home scents. You can find fragrances and oils made from natural ingredients, for example, strong scents like oud, or lighter ones. A small piece of advice, always choose a light scent if you are not sure which one to get.

12. Scented candles set

Enhance the spirit of Ramadan with scented candles made of essential oils blended in with wax that radiate a lovely fragrance when lit. They have an appealing touch on Ramadan nights especially since they create an ambiance of emotional well-being and prosperity.

13. Jewelry and Accessories

Islamic jewelry is another popular gift idea that is appreciated during Ramadan. You can choose necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with Islamic symbols or expressions. They can be found in gold, silver, or even stainless steel. Islamic jewelry is a wonderful way for showing pride in one's faith.

Finally, offering gifts during Ramadan for your loved ones is a method for showing appreciation and love especially when it is chosen carefully. With so many gift ideas available, anything you decide to give, ensure it comes from your heart!