30 Dec 2019

Update your Apartment with the Latest Trends from Milan

Thinking of redecorating? Before you begin your apartment overhaul, take some inspiration from the Milan Furniture Fair.

Thinking of redecorating? Before you begin your apartment overhaul, take some inspiration from the Milan Furniture Fair - the annual interior design extravaganza featuring thousands of the world's top designers who collectively set the year's trends for home aesthetics.

Read on for some inspiration. By incorporating the points below, your home will get exactly what it needs – a modern makeover inspired by your internal interior decorator.

Give your plants a new home

Many major design houses made the case for indoor plants at this year's fair, not only as a beauty accent but as a health booster, too. Whilst there were some over-the-top statement pieces at this year’s fair (and we wouldn’t have it any other way), you don’t have to ‘grow overboard’ (yes, we did just do that!).

Simply bring in some of the beautiful pieces from your balcony to achieve the desired effect. The green, leafy additions will effortlessly brighten up any drab spots in your apartment, whilst purifying the air around them. The sight and smell of plants can be a subtle stress buster, too.

If you’re not a fan of indoor plants, think about adding some botanical elements into your new upholstery or wallpaper choices to evoke the same sense of calm. And your home will still be fashionable. Bonus!

Upcycle your old furniture

Your furniture isn't boring; it might just be neglected. Instead of replacing it, give the worn-out pieces a makeover. Not only will you save yourself a potentially large outlay of case, you can save the environmental costs of making a new purchase, as well.

A great place to start is with any cane or wicker furniture you may have purchased (or inherited) years ago. Those old-school materials were prominent at the fair and back in fashion. So, instead of throwing them out, give them a new life with a unique paint job or funky upholstery.

Ditch the neutrals for a warmer hue

If you're looking to add some colour to your apartment, you only need to look as far as the sunset for inspiration. This year at the fair, rusts and mustards were popular, as were shades of the evening sky, like deep burgundy and indigo. Whether you’re aiming to create a statement wall, invest in new home linens and crockery, or redo some tiles, this warm palette will add a touch of sophisticated cosiness to your home.

Marble and wood for texture

Another way to bring new life to dull rooms is to introduce new textures. At the fair, the natural marble and wood finishes were used to add visual interest to a space. So, whether it's natural wood vases and picture frames or a marble counter topper, skip the polish and keep their textured grains for a contemporary appearance.

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