18 Aug 2019

Best Schools Near Layan

If you're currently considering this upscale neighbourhood in Dubai, then we imagine the best schools near Layan must also be on your mind.

Are you considering the family friendly Layan community for your new home? If you're currently considering this upscale neighbourhood in Dubai, then we imagine the best schools near Layan must also be on your mind.

Have a look at the following list, which mentions the nearby schools that are highly ranked by the Dubai Government's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KDHA), and describes their other most salient features, so that you can make the best decision for your children's future.

JESS Arabian Ranches (ranked ‘Outstanding’)

Jumeirah English Speaking School's Arabian Ranches branch enjoys an ‘Outstanding’ rating from KHDA and is conveniently located a short drive from the Layan community – about 10 minutes.

It has earned a reputation as one of the best schools near Layan during its 13 years of operation, particularly for its balanced curriculum that places equal emphasis on academic performance and extracurricular participation.

In addition to their sound grasp of English, maths and science, JESS students are known to display exemplary behaviour with a deep commitment to positive values and their civic duties. The school also distinguishes itself with its provisions for students with special educational needs.

Nord Anglia International School (ranked ‘Very Good’)

Located a half-hour's drive from the Layan Community, Nord Anglia International School is also one of the best schools near Layan, with a ‘Very Good’ ranking by KHDA. Since its inception in 2013, admissions to the Dubai campus have been strongly sought after from members of the community due to the attractive blend of the English National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate offered at the school. The school’s curricula have been adapted to suit the needs of local students.

Jebel Ali School (ranked ‘Very Good’)

Jebel Ali School is another school ranked ‘Very Good’ by the KHDA. Due to its location, it can be considered near both Layan and Remraam residential communities. The school carries a track record of exemplary academic standards spanning over four decades and is considered one of the best schools near Layan for its top-quality British curriculum and its diverse, multicultural student body.

Jebel Ali is known to produce students with an outstanding understanding of English, maths and science, and additional skillsets in research and critical thinking at an exceptional level. The student body also display high levels of self-confidence and leadership abilities.

Fairgreen International

Still in its first year of operations, Fairgreen International has yet to be ranked by the KHDA, but has quickly acquired popularity for its reputation as Dubai's first sustainable school. It is located in the neighbouring Sustainable City. As part of its international curriculum, the school teaches its students how to live consciously and in harmony with nature.

It goes without saying that Fairgreen's commitment to the environment does not compromise on the quality of its facilities. The campus features solar-powered classrooms, shaded recreational areas, technology labs and sports grounds that include a swimming pool and soccer pitch. Students are taught sustainability outside of the classroom, too, in the campus's mobile food technology labs and urban farms.

When looking for the best schools near Layan, don’t forget to consider all your residential options and choose what make sense for you and your family. For more information on the best properties in the area, contact us on 800 9933.