28 Jul 2023

Labour accommodation in Dubai: All you need to know

Discover the different types of labour accommodation in Dubai and how to select the right option for your company.

In general, the term ‘labour accommodation’ or ‘staff accommodation’ refers to a living space that has been specially built and designated for workers in a specific industry, such as construction or hospitality.

The UAE has implemented strict rules and regulations to ensure that the living conditions provided to workers in every emirate are required to meet certain standards, set by local and federal laws.

What kinds of companies will need labour accommodation?

In the UAE, any company that has 50 or more workers who are earning below a certain stipulated salary is required to provide labour accommodation for all the workers.

Further,the regulations mandate that all employers should provide proper living spaces that are well-lit, air-conditioned and well-ventilated, with each individual getting at least 3 square metres of space. They also stipulate that every labour accommodation should have a medical service room, prayer room and laundry room, and provide guidelines regarding bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining rooms.

There are also Dubai Municipality guidelines which specify health and safety requirements for all labour accommodations in the Emirate.

Companies are also required to register on the online labour accommodation platform set up by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Different types of labour accommodation

There are three main types of labour accommodation in Dubai: housing in residential communities, separate labour accommodation, and customised staff accommodation.

1. Housing in residential communities

This type of accommodation is located in residential communities that offer workers access to all the conveniences of everyday living, including supermarkets, parks, onsite mosques, outdoor sports facilities, and more.

Present in multiple attractive locations, these communities also offer multiple types of units for you to choose from, giving you a range of choices to house your staff.

2. Labour accommodation

This type of accommodation is designed specifically for workers and is usually located on the company’s premises or in industrial areas in Dubai.

The accommodation is self-contained and usually includes bedrooms, washrooms, and common areas, meeting all the requirements stipulated by UAE labour laws.

These types of staff accommodation in Dubai come with a choice of rooms of different sizes, as well as on-site communal areas and in-room amenities. Safety and security is ensured by the presence of on-site Property Management and Security teams.

One of the most popular and sought-after labour accommodations in Dubai is the Al Quoz Accommodation, managed entirely by Dubai Asset Management. Offering quality facilities in a prime location in Dubai, this gated complex offers everything from 24-hour security and facilities management, to a host of convenient amenities like an outdoor gym, dining halls, laundry, salon, prayer hall, and retail area.

3. Customised staff accommodation

This type of accommodation is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. Every aspect of the accommodation can be customised, right from the external architecture and structures, to the interior layouts, room designs, and communal areas, such as dining, sports, and parking.

Even the property management, security and healthcare services and facilities can be customised keeping each company’s needs in mind.

This is the ideal choice for organisations that want to house all their staff in one, central place, without having to compromise on amenities, lifestyle or wellbeing in general.

How to choose labour accommodation

When selecting labour accommodation, there are several factors that employers need to consider:

  1. Location: Dubai Asset Management provides accessible and well-maintained labour accommodations in popular areas such as the Nuzul community in Jebel Ali, and Al Quoz . With a variety of room sizes and bed capacity options ranging from approximately 100sqft to nearly 600sqft, you can choose what works best for your needs.
  2. Cost Our staff accommodation in Dubai is one of the most affordable, with rents starting from as low as AED 10,000.
  3. Quality of living conditions: With the comfort of your workers in mind, our labour accommodation is designed to house 2 to 10 beds per room and comes with TV services, AC, Wi-Fi, storage and dining halls.
  4. Essential services and amenities: Workers will have access to a range of fun activities, events and sports facilities as well as security teams that ensure a safe and friendly environment for your staff.

Requirements to apply for labour accommodation

Employers who wish to provide labour accommodation for their workers in Dubai are expected to meet specific requirements set by the authorities. These include:

  1. Obtaining necessary permits: Employers must obtain permits from the relevant authorities to operate labour accommodation.
  2. Meeting the required standards: The accommodation must meet specific standards set by local and federal laws.
  3. Providing essential services: The accommodation should provide essential services including security and transportation.
  4. Conducting regular inspections: Employers must regularly inspect the accommodation to ensure that it meets the required standards.


Providing labour accommodation is an essential aspect of managing a large workforce in Dubai. By meeting the necessary requirements and selecting the appropriate accommodation, employers can ensure that their workers are comfortable and productive, which ultimately benefits both the workers and the employer.

Dubai Asset Management is one of the most reputed names when it comes to designing, building and managing all kinds of labour accommodations in Dubai. For further assistance in choosing the ideal staff housing solution for your company, call us on 800 9933.