28 Aug 2019

Schools Near Remraam

The Remraam community is known for modern, peaceful living an, but did you know that conveniently located top-quality schools are also one of the neighbourhood’s major draws?

The Remraam community is known for modern, peaceful living an, but did you know that conveniently located top-quality schools are also one of the neighbourhood’s major draws?

Schools near the Remraam community include Jebel Ali School, Victory Heights Primary School and Ranches Primary School, all of which have been well rated by the Dubai Government's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The newly opened South View School is another promising option, whilst The Wonder Years nursery offers toddlers a wonderful space to learn and play.

Let's take a closer look at what each school could offer your child.

Jebel Ali School (ranked ‘Very Good’)

One of the best schools near Remraam community is Jebel Ali School, which has maintained its reputation for high academic standards for over four decades now. Located just 3 kilometres from the community, the school has been ranked ‘Very Good’ by the KHDA.

Whilst its curriculum is primarily based on the British system, the school also places a great emphasis on cultural and religious education and thus prides itself on providing its students with a balanced programme of studies.

Jebel Ali is particularly known for its English, maths and science instruction and students demonstrate exceptional critical thinking and research skills.

Victory Heights Primary School Dubai (ranked ‘Very Good’)

Victory Heights Primary School Dubai is another excellent school near the Remraam community that enjoys a ‘Very Good’ rating from KHDA. It is located at a distance of 8 kilometres, which is a 15-minute drive at most.

Since opening its doors in 2013, the school has acquired a reputation for fostering a notably positive learning environment for its students. Its teaching goals, derived from the British curriculum, are focused on facilitating students’ holistic growth. The school is also keeps parents actively involved in their children’s overall progress and also distinguishes itself with exceptional support for special educational needs.

Ranches Primary School (ranked ‘Very Good’)

Ranches Primary School upgraded to a ‘Very Good’ rating in its latest evaluation by KHDA and is situated just a 10-minute drive from Remraan Community. Its efforts to incorporate blended learning techniques have caught the attention of many parents who also appreciate its UK-inspired curriculum and wide range of extracurricular programs that suit the interests of its diverse student body.

South View School

The newly opened South View is another school located in the Remraam community.

While the school is close to completing its first year of operations and is yet to be rated by the KHDA, it’s already made headlines for being the first school to offer its students lessons in their respective native languages, in addition to regular English instruction under the British curriculum.

Young sports enthusiasts benefit from state-of-the-art facilities at the school, which include a football field, temperature-controlled swimming pool, three tennis courts and multiple purpose-built rooms for athletics and other games.

Wonder Years Nursery School - Remraam Community

After enjoying considerable success at its flagship Dubai Sport City location, the Wonder Years Nursery opened a branch for Remraam residents and neighbouring residential communities.

The nursery school offers a blend of international curricula for early childhood education, particularly from the UK. Lessons are primarily activity-based with toddlers enjoying exposure to different languages and music classes under the extracurricular schedule.

When looking for the best schools near the Remraam community, don’t forget to consider all your residential options and choose what make sense for you and your family. For more information on the best properties in Remraam, contact us by email or on 800 9933.